Manuel Antonio National Park trails

Manuel Antonio National Park trails

Exploring the trails of Manuel Antonio National Park is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers. In the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest, these trails take you through lush vegetation and allow you to discover the unique biodiversity of the area. And if you’re looking for the perfect accommodation near this natural paradise, Hotel Villas Lirio is the ideal choice.

Our spacious and comfortable rooms, all with garden views, provide the rest you need after a day of exploration. But before you delve into the beauty of the park, here are some tips to make the most of your adventure:

1. Prepare for the Weather: Manuel Antonio has a tropical climate, so it’s important to wear lightweight clothing, insect repellent, and sunscreen. Also, make sure to carry enough water to stay hydrated during your hike.

2. Visiting Hours: The park has regulated opening and closing times, so check the hours before planning your visit. Generally, the park is open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. It’s best to arrive early to avoid crowds and midday heat.

3. Guided or Self-Guided: You can choose between a self-guided hike or hiring a local guide. A guide can enhance your experience by pointing out wildlife that might go unnoticed.

4. Proper Footwear: Wear comfortable and sturdy walking shoes, preferably hiking boots. Trails can be slippery in the rainy season, so be cautious.

5. Bring Binoculars and a Camera: Don’t forget to bring binoculars for bird watching and a camera to capture the natural beauty surrounding you.

6. Maintain Distance: Respect wildlife and keep a safe distance. Do not feed animals or try to get too close to them.

7. Popular Trails: Some of the most popular trails include the Manuel Antonio Trail, the Mirador Trail, and the Puerto Escondido Trail. Each one offers spectacular views and unique wildlife-watching opportunities.

After an exciting day exploring the park’s trails, return to Hotel Villas Lirio and unwind in one of our two pools or soak in the jacuzzi. Our spacious green areas provide a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, you can share your day’s adventures at our bar while enjoying a refreshing drink.

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